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Lahore the ‘Foodistan’ of Pakistan!

Lahore the ‘Foodistan’ of Pakistan!

The Foodistan of Pakistan is Lahore. The people who are born in Lahore know this very well. Lahore is famous for its two major things, one is garden and the second is their love for food . That is why, today their is restaurant at every corner of street of Lahore today. Even though their is inflation around the country. But the Lahorians when it comes to food, they don’t care about any other thing. … Read entire article »

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Adding custom manual payment gateways in WP-Ecommerce version

Adding custom manual payment gateways in WP-Ecommerce version

Suppose you want to add custom payment gateways to your wp ecommerce installation to enable manual payment options such as Cash on Delivery (COD) or Direct Bank Transfer. Further, you also want your customers to see customized messages on the transactions results page when they choose a particular option. This is really easy to do in WP-Ecommerce version. The method below should also continue to hold true for future releases of the plugin as well. Necessary … Read entire article »

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Hafeez’s undoing: An analysis from a disgruntled fan

Watching the last T20 match between Australia and Pakistan, one felt that the series win might just have been a fortunate stroke of luck for Hafeez. Australians were taking their time in adapting to the spin laden attack. It wasn’t long before they found their footing and launched the assault and a murderous assault it was, straight hits, switch hits, reverse sweeps, you name it, everything they connected went over the boundary. Equally impressive was … Read entire article »

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Future Directions for IT and Web Solutions Development Firms in South Asia

With the rapid increase in Freelancing and a budding community of online developers, a lot of software development is being sourced out to IT Firms in the South Asian region, i.e. India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Software houses from all over Europe and North America are developing associations and links with companies in the above mentioned countries because of the various economic benefits which such partnerships have to offer. However, where this is a positive trend for companies in the so called cheap-labour countries, it also has its drawbacks. Lets start by examining why such partnerships are proving to be beneficial for software, design and publishing houses located in the IT business hubs of the world. Well, the reasoning is simple, the electronic age has transformed the business world, it … Read entire article »

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