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Lahore the ‘Foodistan’ of Pakistan!

The Foodistan of Pakistan is Lahore. The people who are born in Lahore know this very well. Lahore is famous for its two major things, one is garden and the second is their love for food . That is why, today their is restaurant at every corner of street of Lahore today. Even though their is inflation around the country. But the Lahorians when it comes to food, they don’t care about any other thing. Lahore Food Street is famous around the globe for its food . People come from USA, Europe and Middle East to just visit this foodistan of Pakistan.

There are lot of things are famous in food as well in Lahore. We would try to tell you as many as we could.

samosaSamosa is one of the popular thing in Lahore. It can be found everywhere even in milk shops they sell samosa. Many people who have milk shops in Lahore have started this Samosa selling as a part time job as well. Now they are earning through it. You can realize the love for samosa by the people of Lahore is through that now every bakery sells samosa.  One of thing of samosa is that even a poor can buy it easily and can enjoy the taste of this delicious thing.

gol-gappayGol Gappay is one of the most popular thing in Lahore even in all sub continent. But as i said earlier Lahori food has its own taste, flavour and culture. Mostly Gol Gappay is popular among the girls. They are not as much as samosa but where ever there is gol gappa stall, their would be hustle and bustle around. In summer nights at canal road of Lahore, you can see families and children around the Gol Gappa stalls.

lassiIn Indian Punjab, they say,”Asi tusi tay Lasi”(We You And lassi) like wise in Indian Punjab Lassi is an important ingredient in breakfast of Pakistani Punjab as well. It is made up of  yogurt and milk. Many people still today take Lassi in their breakfast in all seasons.

There are lot more things to offer for tourist who visit Pakistan. They even if not visit all Pakistan but they visit Lahore. As we say in Punjabi “JInay lahore nahi wekhaya oh jamaya hi nahi”( The person who has not seen Lahore he is not born).

Now every city of Pakistan is working on making food streets. But Lahore has a culture with taste  and flavour of food. You can not miss samosa, gol gappay, lassi, chana chat, Lahori charga etc when you are in this foodistan.

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  1. just love that place…. Foodstreet is best place bro.!

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