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The Responsive Web Design – Explanations

mashable-responsive-designConnected to their PC , tablet or smartphone … your clients require access to sites that are at the top ergonomically on each of their media !

So you must think long and hard to build your website so that it meets current needs and constraints of each media. To do this , think about Responsive Web Design as it is surely the solution!

The Responsive Web Design : What is it ?

The Responsive Design is a way of designing websites so that they can adapt to different media ( computer monitors , smartphones, tablets, TVs , etc …) . These sites offer the best consultation for easy reading and navigation for visitors.

So why not you?

It has become essential for the sites – whether commercial or otherwise – to display optimally on different screens to provide a satisfactory browsing experience for its visitors.

Indeed, it allows to maximize sales but also to leave a good corporate image in the minds of the consumer, and encouraging them to return to the site . Conversely, a poorly designed site or do not appear correctly on a support tends to annoy the user and it will leave a negative image that it will not want to repeat this experience.

But , how?

To do this , the designer must to reflect upstream and ask from what resolution elements will have to change , how and which blocks will move …

Expenditure side it can generate a higher starting that to create a classic website , however it will quickly pay as you avoid additional costs to adapt to new media costs .

The idea of ​​responsive web design is a reorganization of the elements of a page for that, regardless of the medium used for navigation , all elements are visible, accessible and harmonious.

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  1. Modern day design should be highly responsive and adjustable. Design should be customized as per screen resolution. Good color scheme should be used and less images should be used for designing purpose.

    Modern web technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 should be used to create web designs.

    Very informative article. Thanks for posting.

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