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Computers have become part of our life!

As we all know that computer is an electronic device that solves problems by processing data according to instructions. “Computer” comes from Latin Computer, which means to reckon up ( to calculate or add up).  It is interesting to note that the first mechanical digital calculating machine was built as early as 1642 by French scientist Blaise Pascal. The first automatic electronics digital computer was prepared in America 1946. The modern computers using stored-programme digital processors were introduced in the 1950s. Two classes have been in use, digital and analog.

The Computer has become the part of our life. We give program to computer to work for us in any field like business, industry, construction, banking, medicine, teaching and you just name the field computer would be there.

In business and industry, the computer prepares and keeps lists of goods, correspondence records and sales and profit and loss accounts. It can inform us of the production needs and the best production processes for a certain factory.  It can compare several industrial processes  of production and let us decide about the best ones. Thus, in the shortest times we can have the details of working of hundreds of factories on the computer screen and have the results of their production sitting comfortably in room of our choice.

A computer solves our all problems in engineering such as  of building, those of designing various building structures, finding the most accurate effective material mixtures and safety measures of the earthquake proof and sound-proof rooms. This accuracy have reduced time and helped us to save money.

In medicine computers are being widely used to diagnose or determine diseased, to prescribe medicines and to perform various tests like blood and heart analysis. They help maintain records, of patients to be made available at a moment’s notice.

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