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Role of Students in Pakistan

Students in a developing countries like ours can and should work for the social and national progress.

Our students, especially in the colleges  and universities, can educate the uneducated people. They can engage in a universal education programme which may be arranged or sponsored by the government and rich industrialists, businessmen and landlords. Classes for children and adults can be arranged in schools, colleges, suitable government buildings, specially erected structures in open places and even in certain parks, gardens and fields. The students  should teach not just to earn money but more to serve heir dear nation and country. They should understand clearly that unless most or all of our people get educated, we cannot join the family of advanced or developed nations like China, USA, Germany, UK etc.

Secondly, the senior students can assist the law-enforcing agencies in their work. For example, they can make reports to price-controlling agencies about the high prices charged by the shopkeepers. They can bring cases of corruption in government offices to the notice of the anti-corruption department. They can help the police in their action against anti-state elements like criminal, drug addicts and smugglers.

Students must not be used by the politicians and anti-state elements. They should focus on their studies. Their goal should be to get Pakistan in the line of developed countries. It would be only possible with weapon of education. Our students main focus would education.

It is the need of the hour for the government, social organisations and students to work in close cooperation for the betterment of the country.

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