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Review of some Web Hosting Companies in Pakistan

Getting a website up in Pakistan can be tricky business especially if you are choosing one of the local companies for your web hosting services. While there is always the lure of low prices that may accompany a package being offered by a local company, there are a number of underlying threats and risks one may be exposing their website to. Over the last year and a half we have had extensive experience of working with some of the local web data management companies and would like to share our experience with other budding web development firms.


Supposedly one of the best Web Data Management Company in Pakistan. Perhaps the one with the best organizational structure and specialized departments to deal with customers. However, the company has failed to realize that in this day and age Windows Servers are not the only ones which a good hosting company should offer. It was absolutely surprising to note that the company is oblivious to Linux when world-wide it has become the standard. CyberNet still does not offer hosting services on a Linux based servers, making the installation of a lot of open sourse CMS’ a pain. So if you are someone who likes to work in CMS’ such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal then CyberNet is not for you.

Someone needs to tell the management here that ASP.NET is not where the internet ends!

The web services are otherwise secure but customer services are otherwise slow and cumbersome. It took us two days of emails to have nameservers changed for a website that we initially had planned to be hosted with CyberNet. It was also surprising that the company does’nt offer Domain Management Services directly to their customers. Which basically means that everytime you need to make changes to your domain you need to email the admins and request them to do it for you. Which is basically a waste of time.

The price tag at CyberNet is also higher than some of the world’s best hosting services such as HostMonster, HostGator etc. with limitations of space and bandwidth. A one year hosting plan, with domain privacy cost us Rs. 12,000 (USD 138) with limited space and bandwidth.

So we would recommend that only choose their service if it is absolutely necessary to use a Pakistani service provider with Windows Servers. Otherwise for the high costs, slow procedures and lack of flexibility in the system this service is not recommended, it will only get you frustrated more and more.


This is a company based in Lahore, which boosts of a ten years of service. The prices of the hosting packages offered here are extremely competitive and perhaps one of the most economical, so that is a big plus point. The company also offers reseller hosting plans and they have done well to realize that Linux Servers are equally, if not more, important than offering Windows based servers.

However, all these positives come with a big drawback. The guys at CreativeON even after 10 years of experience have not been able to configure a fool proof security system for their servers. Three of our wordpress sites which were running on CreativeON servers were hacked within a space of two weeks. The admins had no clue everytime we lodged a complaint with them and all we got back were confused answers pointing towards a vulnerability in the wordpress framework, which obviously was not the answer we needed. We admit that we are not the only ones who’ve ever experienced a hack on their wordpress installtaion, but it was absolutely mind boggling to know what the on all three occasions the hackers were able to inject the database and CreativeON admin had no clue where and how the attack was coming from. The result for us were a couple of disgruntled clients who obviously held us responsible for the problems in their websites.

So we would only recommend this service if you are building a small static website with no databases. Otherwise the saving you may make by low priced packages are not worth it.


PakServers is a small company based in Karachi, the guys here offer both Linux and Windows Servers. The packages are ultra low priced but with space and bandwidth constraints. We worked with them for more than over a year before switching to another service mainly for the reason that our websites were taking way too long to load. As the company is still growing their servers were not the same high quality machines you would expect at hosting giants. Maybe that explains why the packages were so low priced.

However, we’ve found their service to be secure and their customer service to be extremely efficient, they are always very prompt with the email replies. They still however, do not offer transactions through credit cards etc. so if you want to purchase a hosting plan with them you would manually have to run to the bank and deposit the fee or just make an online transfer to their account if your bank has internet banking enabled.

This service again is only recommended for small static websites if you are not really worried about page download time and are a little tight on budget.

Overall the picture is not a very positive one. The companies in Pakistan need to cover a lot of ground if they are to match international standards, so if you are a web development firm or a freelance developer we would recommend that at the time being you pay three or four thousand more to buy a hosting plan from one the best in the business like Hostmonster, HostGator, BlueHost etc. You can count on these services to be reliable and not only save yourself but also your clients from a lot of hassle and extra expenditure later.

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    Technical support is an essential service which hosting companies have to provide, you wont get any extra stars for it.

    In any case if you can just have your issue solved while sitting in your office and chatting live with the best hosting companies you wont have to go through the pains of visiting hosting companies and talking face to face about your issue which just going to waste more of your time.

    The truth is simple, if your hosting is not secure, its of no use! No matter what value added services you have you are not good enough. And Local hosting service need to learn a lot to make their services more secure and reliable.

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